You’ve been playing for a while. Why don’t you take a break?

Good idea, Dad.

It’s been fun. I appreciate everyone who’s ever bothered to read my work. Unfortunately, I’m too busy and life’s too short. I can barely make time to play video games.

I’m sure I’ll be back when I have something to say. Until then, play the games that make you happy.




They’re Finally Remaking Final Fantasy VII

It’s completely understandable that we’re all collectively jumping for joy over the announcement of a remake of Final Fantasy VII; the game that got most of us into RPGs and arguably the best game ever.

However, the feeling I got from the trailer wasn’t one of mindless joy, but anxiety. Not crazy, hyperventilating anxiety – just an unsettling dread,┬áthat our constant yearning for a remake will result in a mess; retroactively ruining our favorite game.

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The Orange Box was a compilation of games released in a single package by Valve in 2007. Three Half-Life games, the multi-player Team Fortress 2, and a quirky new game called Portal. It’s maybe two hours long, and centered around one gaming mechanic. Portal can barely be called a game.

People went fucking nuts for it.

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Darksiders 3 – Predictions

The future of the Darksiders IP looked uncertain when Vigil’s parent company, THQ, fell to pieces. And while Darksiders was acquired by Nordic Games, they’ve also said “not to look for a Darksiders 3 for at least 5 years” or something.

Having just beaten both Darksiders games in the last nine months or so, it’s been on my mind. And despite my less-than-favorable review of Darksiders 2, I’m still looking forward to the next entry in the series.

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Sailing with the King of Red Lions.